Why Sign Up?

The main reason for creating a profile on Akses is increased exposure.

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Everyone uses Google to search. Registering on Akses adds to your chance of being discovered for opportunities by both locals and foreigners.


Go beyond word-of-mouth. Get more leads not only based on the quality of your work, but by also being in the same place as others like you.


Get promoted. On top of providing links to your social profiles, we will also promote you via social media ads after verifying your information.

Can I select more than one service?

At this time we only allow one service per freelancer. If you perform multiple services, we ask that you select the one you have the most experience in or most known for.

Do I have to add an image of myself?

Yes. Many of the services require in-person interaction. For security purposes, we ask you use a photo of yourself so people may know who they are meeting with.

Can I use my company logo as my profile image?

If you have a team of people that you work with, yes you can. If you are the only person required to perform the service, we require you to upload a photo of yourself.

Can I sign up using my company info?

You will be able to list your company name in the sign up process and link to its Facebook and Instagram accounts.

What are sample images?

These images will be used to give people an idea of what your finished product (eg: hairstyles) or sessions (eg: tour guide) look like. Visitors can then go to your social media profiles to see more.

Will my phone number be public?

We ask for you to use your business phone number if available. If you wish to not have your number be public, please select "no" in your profile settings under WhatsApp.

More questions?

Email us at info@akseshub.com